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Varsity Athletes of the Year:

2019-20: Mikayla Morton (soccer), Davide Casarin (swimming)

2018-19: Miranda Smith (soccer), Davide Casarin (swimming)

2017-18: Dria Bennett (rugby), Jackson Bennett (football)

2016-17: Simone Savary (rugby), Montana Champagne (swimming)

2015-16: Devyani Biswal (track and field), Michael L'Africain (basketball)

2014-15: Pilar Khoury (soccer), Johnny Berhanemeskel (basketball)

2013-14: Myriam English (volleyball), Johnny Berhanemeskel (basketball)

2012-13: Gillian Baggott (soccer), Warren Ward (basketball)

2011-12: Hannah Sunley-Paisley (basketball), Michael Robertson (track and field)

2010-11: Tess Edwards (volleyball), Brad Sinopoli (football)

2009-10: Hannah Sunley-Paisley (basketball), Christopher Greenaway (track and field), Josh Gibson-Bascombe (basketball)

2008-09: Julia Tousaw (track and field), Josh Sacobie (football)

2007-08: Christine Lamey (volleyball), Josh Sacobie (football)

2006-07: Christine Lamey (volleyball), Josh Gibson-Bascombe (basketball)

2005-06: Christine Lamey (volleyball), Josh Sacobie (football)

2004-05: Moriah Trowell (basketball), Jermaine Campbell (basketball)

2003-04: Melissa Abraham (soccer), Louis David Bonneau (swimming)

2002-03: Sarah Dillabaugh (cross-country), Marko Jovic (basketball)

2001-02: Danielle Day (soccer), Mark Pretzlaff (football) 

2000-01: Noel Trepannier (soccer), Phill Côté (football)

1999-2000: Deanna Saracino (soccer), Phill Côté (football)


1997-98: Nathalie Coté (track and cross-country), Ousmane Tounkara (football)

1996-97: Tania Singfield (soccer), Chris Evraire (football)

1995-96: Irene Enright (fencing), Jean-François Rivard (hockey)

1994-95: Julie Gareau (soccer), Jean-François Rivard (hockey)

1993-94: Fabienne Perrin (basketball), Joey St. Aubin (hockey)

1992-93: Fabienne Perrin (basketball), Phil Comtois (hockey)

1991-92: Nadine St. Louis (badminton), Rod Lee (basketball)

1990-91: Janice Haines (volleyball), John Halvorsen (cross country)

1989-90: Annette Saikaley (volleyball), Chris Gioskos (football)


1970-71: Paul Paddon (football) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1969-70: Paul Cadieux (hockey) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy 

1968-69: Tom Schultz (football and basketball) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1967-68: Al Scanlon (football) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1966-67: Don Arsenault (basketball) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1965-66: Vince Thompson (football) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy 

1964-65: Rene Sicotte (football and hockey) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy 

1962-63: Paul Benoit (football) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy, Suzanne Veit

1960-61: Brien Benoit (football), - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy, Mary Nicholson top female intramural athlete

1959-60: Brien Beniot (football) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy, Lucille H. Thomson top female intramural athlete

1958-59: Bill McIntyre (football and skiing) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1957-58: Bill McIntyre - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1956-57: Paul Conley (football and basketball) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1955-56: Bob Baron (football and basketball) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1954-55: Jean Valiquet (football, basketball, tennis) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1952-53: Joseph Mendes - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1951-52: Jack Brennan - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1949-50: Arthur Williamson (football and basketball) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1948-49: Marc Rochon (football and basketball) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1947-48: Louis Lefaive - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1946-47: Gaeton Valois (football, basketball, tennis) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy

1945-46: Gaeton Valois (football, basketball, tennis) - Dr. C.T. Fink Trophy 


1934-35: Jimmy Courtwright (track and field) - Fink Challenge Trophy


Varsity President's Award:

2019-20: Katherine Bearne (soccer), Brendan Jacome (hockey)

2018-19: Katherine Bearne (soccer), Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu (basketball), Eric Locke (hockey)

2017-18: Katherine Bearne (soccer), Quinn O'Brien (hockey)

2016-17: Vickie Lemire (hockey), Brendan Jacome (hockey)

2015-16: Krista Van Slingerland (basketball), Graeme McConnell (cross-country)

2014-15: Kellie Forand (basketball), Andrew Heffernan (track and field)

2013-14: Stéphanie Mercier (hockey), Michael Randazzo (football)

2012-13: Alicia Blomberg (hockey), François Rodrigue (football)

2011-12: Érika Pouliot (hockey), Matthieu Methot (hockey)

2010-11: Élise Desjardins (soccer), Nemanja Baletic (basketball)

2009-10: Brittany Harrison (soccer), Riley Whitlock (hockey)

2008-09: Chrsitine Allen (hockey), Dax Dessureault (basketball)

2006-07: Arden Jobling (soccer), Jordan Watt (hockey)

2005-06: Cassandra Wendzich (rugby), Naim El-Far (football)

2004-05: Amy Bombay (hockey), Chris Boucher (hockey)

2003-04: Marlies Phillion (hockey), Rob Rideout (hockey) 

2002-03: Lauren Fratesi (swimming), Alex Hayes (swimming)

2001-02: Lauren Fratesi (swimming), Alex Hayes (swimming)

2000-01: Alex Hayes (swimming)

1999-2000: Karina Verdurn (hockey), Alex Hayes (swimming)

1997-98: Marie-Helene Cully (fencing), Kelley McAlpine (swimming)

1996-97: Sarah Morris (basketball), John Boccabella (basketball)

1995-96: Sheila Forrest (soccer), Jeff Beraznik (football)

1994-95: Vicki white (soccer), Jeff Beraznik (football)


Varisty Career Achievement Award:

2019-20: Tori Wyman (rugby)

2018-19: Montana Champagne (swimming)


Varsity Garnet and Grey Community Engagement Award:

2019-20: Gordon Forrest (swimming)

2018-19: Megan McGaughey (hockey)


Varsity Rookies of the Year:

2019-20: Aurélie Dubuc (hockey), Louis Bertrand (swimming)

2018-19: Sara Godon (swimming), Guillaume Pépin (basketball)

2017-18: Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu (basketball), Médric Mercier (hockey)

2016-17: Cooper Lee (soccer), Kevin Domingue (hockey)

2015-16: Mélodie Bouchard (hockey), Cole Beacock (football), Cody Cranston (football)

2014-15: Maude Lévesque-Ryan (hockey), Montana Champagne (swimming)



Competitive Sports Clubs Athletes of the Year:

2019-20: Raphaël Siegel (water polo),  Naomi Moindrot-Zilliox (fencing)

2018-19: Patrick Fournier (fencing), Kaitlyn Flear (fastball)

2017-18:  Aria Keshoofy (rugby), Carlie Cholette (synchro)

2016-17: Aria Keshoofy (rugby), Carlie Cholette (synchro)

2015-16: Mac Bruce-Fuoco (rowing), Alanna Fogarty (rowing)

2014-15: Nicholas Wagman (fencing), Alanna Fogarty (rowing), Catherine Pouliot (synchro)

2013-14: Mac Bruce-Fuoco (rowing), Vivianne Fortin (ultimate)

2012-13: Jordon Kay (rowing), Jenna Pelham (rowing)

2011-12: Marc-André LeBlanc (fencing), Andrew Todd (rowing), Kate Goodfellow (rowing)

2010-11: John Wright (fencing), Kate Goodfellow (rowing)

2009-10: Scott Westwell (ultimate), Christy Nurse (rowing)

2005-06: Scott Caswell (water polo), Lindsay McLaughlin (fastball)


Competitive Sports Clubs Award of Merit:

2019-20: Connor McFaul (baseball), Kaitlyn Flear (fastball)

2018-19: Raahulan Rathagirishnan (soccer), Camille Dubé (fastball)

2017-18: Brad McKay (baseball), Sarah Zhang (synchro)

2016-17: William Wu (rowing), Sophie Tremblay (ultimate)

2015-16: Samuel Wilson (volleyball), Christina Torok (ultimate)

2014-15: Rémi Grimard (ultimate), Elissa Sivel (fastball)

2013-14: Andrei Aldea (soccer), Pascale Charette (ultimate)

2012-13: Owen Kennedy (water polo), Gabrielle Hayduk-Costa (dance)

2011-12: Nicholas Martel (water polo), Lilianne Pagé (rowing)

2010-11: Matti Emery (baseball), Kathryn Pohran (ultimate)

2009-10: Tristan Tremblay (water polo), Elissa Sivel (fastball)


Competitive Sports Clubs Leadership and Initiative Award:

2019-20: Taylor McRae (equestrian) and Nailah Taylor (cheerleading)


Competitive Sports Clubs True Sport Award:

2019-20: Tegan Brolsma (nordic) 


Student Trainer of the Year:

2019-20: Yannick Beaumont-Stidwill, Brad McCallen

2018-19: Jamie Jade Van Goozen

2017-18: Sophie Drouin

2016-17: Eleanor Miller, Claudine Nafaa 

2015-16: Emma Lis

2014-15: Taylor Rennie

2013-14: Catherine Fillion, Shannon Walsh-Moreau

2012-13: Simone Julien

2011-12: Adam Kourakis, Jovana Smoljanic

2010-11: Laura Pathak

2008-09: Christina McNeil


Dr. Roland Gagne Trophy for Best Contribution to Athletics:

1969-70: Dan Slee

1968-69: Barry Turner

1967-68: Peter Williams

1966-67: Barry Turner

1964-65: Ray Jones

1955-56: C. Desmoreaux, J. Forget, A. Gagne

1962-63: Maurice Pelletier

1961-62: Jean Labelle