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Each April, the Gee-Gees celebrate the varsity season with two awards events to recognize the outstanding performances and personalities which made the year memorable. Here you can find information about the winners of the annual major awards presented by uOttawa Sports Services.


Varsity Athletes of the Year:

2018-19: Miranda Smith (soccer), Davide Casarin (swimming)

2017-18: Dria Bennett (rugby), Jackson Bennett (football)

2016-17: Simone Savary (rugby), Montana Champagne (swimming)

2015-16: Devyani Biswal (track and field), Michael L'Africain (basketball)

2014-15: Pilar Khoury (soccer), Johnny Berhanemeskel (basketball)

2013-14: Myriam English (volleyball), Johnny Berhanemeskel (basketball)

2012-13: Gillian Baggott (soccer), Warren Ward (basketball)

2011-12: Hannah Sunley-Paisley (basketball), Michael Robertson (track and field)

2010-11: Tess Edwards (volleyball), Brad Sinopoli (football)

2009-10: Hannah Sunley-Paisley (basketball), Christopher Greenaway (track and field), Josh Gibson-Bascombe (basketball)

See complete list of known historical winners here.


Varsity President's Award:

2018-19: Katherine Bearne (soccer), Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu (basketball), Eric Locke (hockey)

2017-18: Katherine Bearne (soccer), Quinn O'Brien (hockey)

2016-17: Vickie Lemire (hockey), Brendan Jacome (hockey)

2015-16: Krista Van Slingerland (basketball), Graeme McConnell (cross-country)

2014-15: Kellie Forand (basketball), Andrew Heffernan (track and field)

2013-14: Stéphanie Mercier (hockey), Michael Randazzo (football)

2012-13: Alicia Blomberg (hockey), François Rodrigue (football)

2011-12: Érika Pouliot (hockey), Matthieu Methot (hockey)

2010-11: Élise Desjardins (soccer), Nemanja Baletic (basketball)

2009-10: Brittany Harrison (soccer), Riley Whitlock (hockey)

See complete list of known historical winners here.


Varsity Garnet and Grey Community Engagement Award:

2018-19: Megan McGaughey (hockey)


Varsity Rookies of the Year:

2018-19: Sara Godon (swimming), Guillaume Pépin (basketball)

2017-18: Brigitte Lefebvre-Okankwu (basketball), Médric Mercier (hockey)

2016-17: Cooper Lee (soccer), Kevin Domingue (hockey)

2015-16: Mélodie Bouchard (hockey), Cole Beacock (football), Cody Cranston (football)

2014-15: Maude Lévesque-Ryan (hockey), Montana Champagne (swimming)

See complete list of known historical winners here.


Competitive Clubs Athletes of the Year:

2018-19: Patrick Fournier (fencing), Kaitlyn Flear (fastball)

2017-18:  Aria Keshoofy (rugby), Carlie Cholette (synchro)

2016-17: Aria Keshoofy (rugby), Carlie Cholette (synchro)

2015-16: Mac Bruce-Fuoco (rowing), Alanna Fogarty (rowing)

2014-15: Nicholas Wagman (fencing), Alanna Fogarty (rowing), Catherine Pouliot (synchro)

2013-14: Mac Bruce-Fuoco (rowing), Vivianne Fortin (ultimate)

2012-13: Jordon Kay (rowing), Jenna Pelham (rowing)

2011-12: Marc-André LeBlanc (fencing), Andrew Todd (rowing), Kate Goodfellow (rowing)

2010-11: John Wright (fencing), Kate Goodfellow (rowing)

2009-10: Scott Westwell (ultimate), Christy Nurse (rowing)

See complete list of known historical winners here.


Competitive Clubs Award of Merit:

2018-19: Raahulan Rathagirishnan (soccer), Camille Dubé (fastball)

2017-18: Brad McKay (baseball), Sarah Zhang (synchro)

2016-17: William Wu (rowing), Sophie Tremblay (ultimate)

2015-16: Samuel Wilson (volleyball), Christina Torok (ultimate)

2014-15: Rémi Grimard (ultimate), Elissa Sivel (fastball)

2013-14: Andrei Aldea (soccer), Pascale Charette (ultimate)

2012-13: Owen Kennedy (water polo), Gabrielle Hayduk-Costa (dance)

2011-12: Nicholas Martel (water polo), Lilianne Pagé (rowing)

2010-11: Matti Emery (baseball), Kathryn Pohran (ultimate)

2009-10: Tristan Tremblay (water polo), Elissa Sivel (fastball)

See complete list of known historical winners here.


Student Therapist of the Year:

2018-19: Jamie Jade Van Goozen

2017-18: Sophie Drouin

2016-17: Eleanor Miller, Claudine Nafaa 

2015-16: Emma Lis

2014-15: Taylor Rennie

2013-14: Catherine Fillion, Shannon Walsh-Moreau

2012-13: Simone Julien

2011-12: Adam Kourakis, Jovana Smoljanic

2010-11: Laura Pathak