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Johnny Berhanemeskel shoots while wearing a white Canada jersey.
Johnny Berhanemeskel at the 2015 Universiade. Photo credit: Mathieu Bélanger

The Universiade is an international university sports and cultural event that is staged every two years in a different city. These games draw many thousands of student-athletes together to compete, making it one of the largest multi-sport events in the world.

The following is list of student-athletes who were members of Gee-Gees varsity or competitive club teams when they were selected to represent Canada at a Universiade. For a list of student-athletes from other sports, as well as staff and alumni who have represented uOttawa at the Games, click here.

2019 Summer Universiade - Napoli, Italy (8 athletes)

Thea Abdul Nour - Women's Soccer, Katherine Bearne - Women's Soccer, Montana Champagne - Swimming, Kayla Da Costa-Pacheco - Women's Soccer, James Flemming - Men's Rugby 7s, Rachel McCallan - Women's Rugby 7s, Angela Ribarich - Women's Basketball, Miranda Smith - Women's Soccer

2019 Winter Universiade - Krasnoyarsk, Russia (5 athletes)

Mélodie Bouchard - Women's Hockey (silver medal), Christine Deaudelin - Women's Hockey (silver medal), Maude Lévesque-Ryan - Women's Hockey (silver medal), Marie-Camille Theoret - Women's Hockey (silver medal)


2017 Summer Universiade - Taipei, Taiwan (5 athletes)

Kayla Da Costa-Pacheco - Women's Soccer, Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles - Men's Basketball

2017 Winter Universiade - Almaty, Kazakhstan (1 athlete)

Mélodie Bouchard - women's hockey (silver medal)


2015 Summer Universiade - Gwangju, South Korea (3 athletes)

Caleb Agada - Men's Basketball, Johnny Berhanemeskel - Men's Basketball, Meaghan Ramsden - Women's Soccer (4th place finish)


2013 Summer Universiade - Kazan, Russia (10 athletes)

Patrick Arbour - Athletics, Julia Francki - Women's Soccer, Kerr Hutchinson - Fencing, Pilar Khoury - Women's Soccer, Marc-Andre Leblanc - Fencing, Oluwasegun Makinde - Athletics, Sarah Meng - Women's Rugby 7s (bronze medal), Michael Robertson - Athletics (gold medal after disqualification of Russian relay team), Natasha Watcham-Roy - Women's Rugby 7s (bronze medal), John Wright - Fencing


2011 Summer Universiade - Shenzhen, China (6 athletes)

Gillian Baggott - Women's Soccer, Adam Best - Swimming, Cynthia Leblanc - Women's Soccer, Oluwasegun Makinde - Athletics, Michael Robertson - Athletics, Warren Ward - Men's Basketball (silver medal)

2011 Winter Universiade - Ezrum, Turkey (2 athletes)

Dominic Jalbert - Men's Hockey, Matthieu Methot - Men's Hockey


2009 Summer Universiade - Belgrade, Serbia (4 athletes): Dax Dessureault - Men's Basketball, Josh Gibson-Bascombe - Men's Basketball, Marc-Andre Leblanc - Fencing, Rachael Swetnam - Women's Soccer

2009 Winter Universiade - Harbin, China (1 athlete)

Kayla Hottot - Women's Hockey


2007 Summer Universiade - Bangkok, Thailand (4 athletes): Wendy Donaldson - Women's Soccer, Josh Gibson-Bascombe - Men's Basketball, Alex Perisichino - Women's Soccer, Katarina Vulic - Women's Soccer

2005 Summer Universiade - Izmir, Turkey (3 athletes): Marc-Andre Leblanc - Fencing, Krista Power - Women's Soccer, Stacey Warren - Women's Soccer

2003 Summer Universiade - Daegu, South Korea (3 athletes): Elizabeth Leonard - Women's Soccer, Beth McCharles - Women's Soccer, Melanie White - Women's Soccer, Kara Zakrzewska - Women's Volleyball

2001 Summer Universiade - Beijing, China (5 athletes): Christa Alexander - Women's Soccer, Brigitte Bernier - Women's Soccer, Danielle Day - Women's Soccer, Jennifer Dillinger - Women's Soccer, Keri Hoffman- Women's Soccer