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Plaque presentation to Myriam English for OUA East Player of the Year
Myriam English

All-Canadians (15):

2013-14: Myriam English - 1st Team, left side

2013-14: Kelsie English - 2nd Team, right side

2012-13: Karina Krueger-Schwanke - 1st Team, left side

2010-11: Tess Edwards - 2nd Team, setter

2007-08: Christine Lamey - 1st Team, left side

2006-07: Christine Lamey - 2nd Team, left side

2005-06: Christine Lamey - 2nd Team, left side

2002-03: Kara Zakrzewski - 1st Team

1989-90: Annette Saikaley - 1st Team

1987-88: Leslie Irie - 2nd Team

1986-87: Leslie Irie - 1st Team

1985-86: Leslie Irie - 1st Team

1984-85: Leslie Irie - 2nd Team

1983-84: Judy Szepesi - 2nd Team

1980-81: Judy Szepesi - 1st Team

 National All-Rookie Team:

2009-10: Karina Krueger-Schwanke, left side


National Coach of the Year:

1979-1980: Betty Baxter


 Conference Player of the Year:

2013-14: Myriam English

2012-13: Karina Krueger-Schwanke

2007-08: Christine Lamey

 Conference Rookie of the Year:

2009-10: Karina Krueger-Schwanke

1995-96: Mieke Gilbert

1994-95: Christina Douglas

1990-91: Sara Belanger

 Conference Libero of the Year:

2010-11: Claudia Séguin 

 Conference Award of Merit:

2007-08: Kristen Brouse

2004-05: Ellen Barwise

2002-03: Amanda Purdy

2000-01: Kim Tilden

1998-99: Mary Ellen Barber

 Conference Coach of the Year:

2010-11: Lionel Woods

2006-07: Lionel Woods

2002-03: Lionel Woods


 RSEQ All-Stars (7):

2018-19: Caroline Lemay (2nd team), Sabrina Roy (2nd team)

2017-18: Caroline Lemay (2nd team), Sabrina Roy (2nd team)

2016-17: Caroline Lemay (2nd team), Sabrina Roy (2nd team), Kira Tomé (1st team)

 OUA All-Stars (47):

2015-16: Alix Durivage (2nd team), Kaly Soro (2nd team)

2014-15: Kelsie English (2nd team), Myriam English (1st team), Kira Tomé (1st team)

2013-14: Kelsie English (1st team), Myriam English (1st team)

2012-13: Kelsie English (2nd team), Myriam English (2nd team), Christina Grail (2nd team), Karina Krueger-Schwanke (1st team)

2011-12: Myriam English (2nd team), Christina Grail (2nd team), Karina Krueger-Schwanke (1st team)

2010-11: Tess Edwards (1st team), Myriam English (2nd team)

2009-10: Tess Edwards (2nd team), Karina Krueger-Schwanke (2nd team)

2008-09: Tess Edwards (1st team), Ariane Thibault (1st team)

2007-08: Kristen Brouse (1st team), Christine Lamey (1st team), Laura Simons (1st team), Ariane Thibault (2nd team)

2006-07: Kristen Brouse (2nd team), Christine Lamey (1st team), Laura Simons (1st team)

2005-06: Christine Lamey (1st team), Manon Ouellette (2nd team), Laura Simons (1st team)

2004-05: Ellen Barwise (1st team), Ashley Keenan (2nd team), Christine Lamey (1st team)

2003-04: Ellen Barwise (1st team), Nancy Coelho (2nd team)

2002-03: Amanda Purdy (2nd team), Kara Zakrzewski (1st team)

2001-02: Eliane Bélanger (1st team), Erinka Hoornstra (2nd team)

2000-01: Kim Tilden (2nd team), Kara Zakrzewski (1st team)

1999-2000: Kara Zakrzewski (2nd team)

1998-99: Mary Ellen Barber (1st team), Kara Zakrzewski (2nd team)

1997-98: Mary Ellen Barber (1st team), Kate McKelvie (2nd team), Kim Tilden (1st team)

 OWIAA All-Stars (25):

1996-97: Mary Ellen Barber

1993-94: Jennifer Villeneuve

1991-92: Sara Belanger

1990-91: Sara Belanger, Janice Haines

1989-90: Susan Buckman, Annette Saikaley

1988-89: Susan Buckman

1987-88: Susan Buckman, Leslie Irie

1986-87: Susan Buckman, Leslie Irie

1985-86: Leslie Irie, Carol Shore, Sylvie Weihrer

1984-85: Leslie Irie, Neli Lozej, Judy Szepesi

1983-84: Leslie Irie, Neli Lozej, Judy Szepesi

1981-82: Jocelyn Tanguay

1980-81: Mylène Camu, Judy Szepesi

1979-80: Judy Szepesi


5-time All-Stars: Myriam English, Leslie Irie (4-time All-Canadian)

4-time All-Stars: Susan Buckman, Christine Lamey (3-time All-Canadian), Judy Szepesi (2-time All-Canadian), Kara Zakrzewski

3-time All-Stars: Mary Ellen Barber, Tess Edwards, Kelsie English, Karina Krueger-Shwanke, Caroline Lemay, Sabrina Roy, Laura Simons


Conference All-Rookie Teams 

2015-16: Kara Hayes, Tatiana Kozbenko

2013-14: Kaly Soro

2010-11: Myriam English

2009-10: Karina Kreuger-Schwanke