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NOTE: The Ottawa Men’s Golf Team is not considered a varsity team at uOttawa because golf is not listed in the National Sport Organizations (NSOs)’s sports list. This organization is responsible for conducting the national championships on behalf of the universities. Golf is, however, listed under the Organizations Funded by Sport Canada’s list. The Ottawa Men’s Golf Team competes at the inter university/college level provincially, nationally and internationally.

Athletic Requirements

Please provide a complete golf resume detailing your record as a competitive golfer in local citywide play, provincial play, and/or play at the national level.  This should also include play at the amateur level, not just play as a junior, especially in your last summer after graduating high school. There are no tryouts for the team and no walk-ons are taken. Everyone must have played competitively on your own time and money. There are numerous tournaments available to you. Once on the team, subsequent outside summer tournament play is strongly recommended to help improve your position on the team.

Additional Requirements

The team is run via Email, texting and/or phone.  Having your own Email address, a computer and/or a cell phone is a team requirement. Because some of our play in the US, a valid passport is required. No one can travel to the US any longer without one.