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Gee-Gees High Performance

All Varsity Teams will strive to offer consistent programming and resources allowing Gee-Gee teams to be perennial national championship contenders. 

Varsity Team programs are performance centered (in academia and sport), led by our coaches, and supported by an Integrated Support Team (IST). 

  • The goal of an IST is to optimize student-athletes' health, wellness, fitness and psychology, ensuring they are ready for optimal performance. Sport sciences, sports medicine and other team management professionals that support coaches and athletes/teams (physiologist, mental health, mental performance, strength and conditioning,  biomechanics, nutrition, athletic therapy, performance analysis, etc). Other professionals (including sport administrators) may be included depending on the nature of the sport.
  • The IST works regularly with the coaches and student-athletes to ensure student-athletes receive optimal care and support for their training, recovery and competition programs.