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Winter semester kicks off for Gee-Gees football with first testing of 2019

Robert Greeley
Robert Greeley

With the winter semester kicking off, it comes with the start of the Gee-Gees football team's first testing session in 2019. On Tuesday, Jan. 7, players reported to the High Performance Centre for bench press, and vertical jump.

 Results are based on what athletes participated in testing:

 Top 5 bench press results:

(225 lbs for Max reps)

  1. Mohamed Bouaziz - 24
  2. Jonah Johnston—23
  3. Michael Pezzuto—19
  4. 3 players tied with 17
  5. 3 players tied with 16

 Top five vertical jump results:

  1. Daniel Shaw—36.9 in
  2. Donald Shaw—35.1 in
  3. Dylan St. Pierre—33.5 in
  4. Reshaan Davis—33.0 in
  5. Jordan Burgher—32.5 in

 On Jan. 10 the players arrived at Gee-Gees Field bright and early for field testing. Players tested in the 40-yard dash, short shuttle, and broad jump categories.

 Broad Jump:

  1. Dylan St. Pierre – 9.8
  2. Hugo Raymond (2019 Recruit, enrolled in Jan.) – 9.7
  3. Carter Matheson – 9.4
  4. Michael Baray – 9.35
  5. Thomas Hoyt/ Jonah Johnston – 9.2


1. Kyle Rodger 4.00
2. Carter Matheson 4.05
3. Michael Baray 4.16
4. Dylan St Pierre/Mark Randazzo 4.17
5. Christopher Ciguineau 4.18


1. Carter Matheson 4.61
2. Daniel Shaw 4.62
3. Amlicar Polk 4.64
4. Hugo Raymond 4.68
5. Ben Maracle 4.8

Some notable names may be missing from the list due their CFL combine preparation. This includes two-time U SPORTS First Team All-Canadian Jamie Harry, and East-West Bowl participants Cody Cranston, and Kalem Beaver, will look to focus in on these categories in hopes of a combine invitation.

The most notable achievement of the team's winter testing goes to Jonah Johnston for achieving King Gee-Gee status. To become a King Gee-Gee, you must meet a set of elite testing requirements. For Johnston's defensive end position this includes a minimum of, 15 bench press reps at 225 lbs, a 4.7s 40-yard dash, 4.35s 20-yard short shuttle, 9-foot broad jump, and a 30-inch vertical jump.